WSC2000-Day 5

Report from the NJRSC's representatives at the World Service Conference. We will be providing daily updates.


I read days 1,2 & 3.

Take my word for it, with practice I’ll learn to do this.

Its 9:25 It is election day. Elections will take place for :

Cofacilitator (an issue you all can safely pay almost no attention)

Human Resource Panel [HRP](the people who manage the pool and nominate people for all positions. Pay a bit of attention here we trust these people to make personel evaluations for us)

World Board (WB)(The people who administer, manage and guide NAWS for us. The people we must trust since we put our beloved fellowship in their human stewardship)

We are all a bit tense. Elections at the WSC are a BIG thing. Unlike elections at many home groups, Areas and Regions, this is not a time or place where we have to dig deep within ourselves to find a willingness, many, many are willing to serve. The question is who will be given the opportunity.

At World people do not ‘qualify’ as they do for other trusted servant positions in NA. We receive resumes-World pool resumes- instead. In addition, there are these ‘meetings’, late night crowded hotel room gatherings, during which people share information( get silly, get loud and share info).

We had the 4th concept on leadership read to us this morning so we could consider qualities that justify the trust we must produce to do our work.

Elections take a long time. There is a roll call during which ballots are distributed. There is the time allotted to complete the ballots. There is a roll call at which the ballots and resumes are collected. There is the time it takes for the votes to be counted.

We elected cofacilitators, HRP and & WB members

Co facilitators John H/ Steve R

HRP Charlotte S/Garth P/James E/Mike L

World Board (Mary Kay and Mario selected to leave the Board)Bob J

(reelected)Daniel S(reelected)/David J(reelected/ Giovanna

Ghisays(new)/Ron H(new)/ Saul A(new)/ Tom McC(new)



Anthony (Exec Director/special worker/super competent)

Received 50 ideas/suggestions/comments from many sources. The Board considered every idea. About 6 were easy-as in large print How&Why/ minting of recovery medallions in French, Spanish & soon Portuguese/removing some names from masthead of NAWay magazine. Some ideas are ‘in action’, for instance, internet issues.

Board acknowledges that they need to talk with submitters more.

Board would like us to use the form to submit ideas. That form was distributed. I’ll bring copies to region and continue to make them available so that we can use the form.

Re: Budgets----Fred, I won’t throw away the paper work. I looked it over as carefully as I could. Anthony says he did the best he could. Since we are speaking of $6million+ a year-over $13 million for 2 yrs- I prayed What else can a responsible person do when overseeing financial arrangements of this magnitude?

Board has been asked (motion 58) to create a project priority (or 2 projects) to complete (or renew) drafts on PI and H&I handbooks. Body of delegates wants these prioritized. But it isnt clear how much of a priority it is for people.

We expect WCNA28 to cost about $20,000-$30,000.

Zonal Forum Reports

Last year the European Zone, the Latin American Zone & the Asian Pacific Zones presented very moving introductions to their Zonal Forums. These were more ordinary this year.

Website for Asia Pacific can be hyperlinked thru NAWS website. And, this may be true for others as well.It is

Latin America will get us a website address.

Because the idea of sending NA literature to communities throughout the world is appealing to many, the Board and the office asks us to send money and a request and they (WSO) will see that the ordinary shipments are supplemented. Aware of these needs, the NAWS already sends literature.

European Zone has EDM(zonal meeting) at Quebec Conference June 29-July 2, 2001 This is a great opportunity for people from the east coast to explore European methods. It would be cool if some members could attend. (Canadian website) There will be a Quebec Convention —not the Conference mentioned above- in April of 2001

There is this story about how Quebec is a member of the European Zone, because of the French language connection, while there is another Region which includes some parts of Quebec that is a member of the Canadian Zone.

The Southeast Zonal Forum made a conscious decision to move toward a more ‘formal’ structure. They have clear plan, just a commitment to go there. The forum raises money. They began by charging a registration fee. Then hosting Areas held activities that rasied money and would share the results. Then Regions started donating on their own. Ther is no formal requirement or assessment. They use the money they raise to finance their secretary, treasury expenses and other simple admin expenses. They elect cofacilitators They use facilitators funded by sending Regions,i.e., RD or RDAs. They donate the remainder to NAWS. But, they are considering using it to finance bringing in Board members to discuss issues.

Midwestern Zone-- I skipped out on this. I did find out that they had its own vision and mission statements and also has funding issues.

Western States Zone First, a new zone has formed. That zone is the Rocky Mountain Zonal Forum

NorthEast Zone no report 11 Regions

Autonomy Zone-Phila &Free State attend here. DC also. .

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