WSC2000-Day 4

Report from the NJRSC's representatives at the World Service Conference. We will be providing daily updates.

Good morning from the lovely western coast of the USA. Its 9:30 am. We have finished with readings, opening prayer, and are in the middle of a roll call.  Roll calls happen frequently.  Its not like Area or Region where its easy to say who is or is not seated. But, it becomes a home of a sort where roll call is our way of sharing a moment of personality with one another.

Motion 15(NJRegion voted for B & G)  Results= 

D How can we finance services without reliance on conventions?

H Building a bridge connecting the service structure and home group members

Hey, I noticed in putting together the tally that some of you, while kindly, kindly tallying your Area's groups, also selected the highest vote getters among the motion 15 issue discussion choices.  Please continue to tally the votes for your Area on motions, but provide us with the full vote distribution on issue discussion matters.  To do otherwise distorts the computation of group preferences. Of course, if it is the choosen policy of your Area to reach a collective result concerning the choice of topic, we will work with this decision.

Lets schedule workshops asap to discuss these topics.  My idea: hold workshops before (or when appropriate after) Area service meetings. I'll commit to 6 during the next year.

Motion 23 No vote for WB at WB elections (NJRegion vote 66 yes,24 no, 16 abstain) These WB(world board) voting issues are emotional.  Me, I wish it were otherwise. But the fact that some of us wish one thing while others wish another is exactly the point of this issue.  It's hard to trust.  It is just plain hard to trust.  So, no wonder we have trouble trusting. The NJ Region expresses its distrust when it votes to remove the vote from the Board. The Board expresses its distrust when it resists the loss of its vote.  The only possibility for me is to trust in HP.  It isn't easy.  I want- by habit, by the comforts of habit- to have a preference about an outcome.  My noisy mind tells me that one side or another should be right, should appeal, should be the way of HP.  But, my recovery tells me that the result is less important than that we work together with kindness and respect.

The motion failed  The vote was yes 43    no 44    abstain 6.


Motion 19  Add short descriptions of service units to Guide to Local Services. (NJRegion 72 yes, 18 no, 19 abstain)Motion to commit followed immediately. Straw poll on Motion 19 succeeded.  Motion to commit passed.


Motion 20 Capitalize Step, Tradition words. (NJRegion 37 yes, 57 no, 13 abstain) Motion to commit to Bd failed.  Motion failed.


World Board Reports

·       Time is a problem.  Time is our most precious resource.

·       World Wide Fellowship//participating in the development of the fellowship inside and outside USA.  Drug Courts. How we treat people who come to NA on court commitments. How to make this a positive experience for these people and for those already in the program. Working with CA Bd of Corrections to make a video about 12 step programs. Letting people know that NA works. Translations:World assists local translations committees.

·       Making things happen through suggestions to WB

·       Basic Text on CD with index and sound

·       Bulletin Board-it will be improved


Literature Distribution

We continue to ship about 40 orders a day.  But, the value of the orders has doubled. We have become more efficient. Propose no major changes to sales policy.


Data Base

Approximately 18,900 groups.  Approximately 28,100 meetings. 96 countries= current registration

On line registration is coming.  Those who havent yet checked out the meeting list on World Website should try it.  Very cool.

We will soon be getting registration info.  Without a doubt this MUST be someone else's task. 

World Services is suggesting that Areas & Regions assign to a particular person the task of on line updating to protect against "vandalism" There will be passwords and delay systems (queues) to help maintain this protect.

Lets think about this so we are ready to discuss- and maybe decide- which trusted servant at Region we want to assume responsibility for this task.

GeneralWorld Board Report-Afternoon session

I was present. I was too tired to maintain the note taking.  Sorry.

·       Be encouraged to go to the convention in Columbia. 

·       We NJ Region- will get Unity Day hook up

Human Resource Panel

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light, not our darkness,  that most frightens us.

There's noting enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.

We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.  It is not just in some of us, it is in everyone.As we let our light shine, we give other people permission to do the same.  As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."  Nelson Mandala

            If I share nothing else with you from this afternoon, that quote makes it "worth it"  That is the HRP's message to us and my message from the Conference.




                                    WORLD POOL 

 5  years or more clean 

            Please fill in the resume

What is the one question you would ask a World Board Nominee?  Please, please, please email me at tonight or tomorrow night.  I'll pass it along to HRP.  They want to know.

Some questions currently asked:

·       Do you have the time and resources to serve in this capacity?

·       Of your strengths, which will be assets to WB

·       Describe your understanding of worldwide fellowship.  How is that demonstrated in service and personal life?

·       Describe your understanding of current world services structure.

·       What is your understanding of 9th tradition? (NA not organized, but service boards & committees directly responsible to those they serve)

·       What do you do when you recognize you are getting angry?

·       How would you react to being wrong in front of others.

Day Five

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