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We are changing! This Wiki is under construction. We will be changing this page with a generic page and splitting the wiki into two sections. There will be one for NJ Region and one for NNJ Region.

I have linked the All Pages and Categories on the Sidebar to the left of the screen. These are our early navigation tools. I will develop more as time goes on.

At the current time, we are allowing all visitors to view the Policy, but not to edit it. As such, the ability to create user accounts has been restricted to sysops. If you feel you need an account to edit something please send me an email at The Website Chair and I will attempt to accommodate you. In time we will allow discussions and limited editing of some sections.

Some of the links off of this page are the links to the NNJRSC Policy Page, the Quick List of Guidelines, the Type of Motions. We have links to Robert's Rules of Order, NAWS, The NA in NJ web site, the Guide to Local Service and the Twelve Concepts Book Contact email links to The Policy Chair and other Officers in the Region and anything else we would like.

If you let me know about something you would like to see, I can place it here.